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Marseille Agency :
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Training for Businesses

Advanced training courses for businesses (business owner and employee).

Training for the retraining

Training courses for the staff of the Department of Defense and Interior wishing to retrain as a private detective.

Training for association

Introductory courses for children in the profession of private detective.

Training for private individual

Internships discovery and occupation of private detective and introduction to basic techniques for private individual.

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Counter surveillance

- You're a company director and you think or have a feeling that your company or you are being monitored by a competitor who is looking to obtain information about your company or private information about your family, you think that your employees, your sales staff, are being monitored by a dishonest competitor with the aim of identifying your customer files and stealing them,
- You're a private individual and you have a feeling or you are being illicitly monitored, harassed by a person that you know or do not know,
- You need to identify one or more dishonest persons, obtain evidence that can be used in a court of law of this illicit surveillance, in order to lodge a complaint against them to stop their activities quickly,

ATR uses its expertise and the human and material resources required to determine whether you are being spied on and to identify the possible perpetrators(s).

Industrial and commercial investigations

Bringing in our agency will enable you to save time and be more efficient in managing difficult situations. It is a fact that your actions can cause your company to be the victim of theft, leakage of goods or abusive absenteeism. In such cases, you need to resolve the situation very quickly: to put an immediate stop to what can prove to become a source of significant costs; to continue to calmly manage your employees; to preserve your company’s good image in the eyes of your clients. ATR provides the solution so you can concentrate on your core business. Very quickly, the necessary resources are put in place to identify those responsible, internal or external: tailing, investigations, photos, videos, infiltration, geolocations, bailiff’s reports, etc. Similarly, investigations are carried out to prove the actions of an employee on unjustified sick leave. The aim is to report back to you on the facts established as quickly as possible; evidence to be used to take legal action and stop the damage, or even recuperate the stolen goods or obtain compensation. Since the 2003 change in the law, the detective profession has become much more regulated and controlled, therefore guaranteeing that you'll working with even more reliable professionals. In an increasingly difficult financial context, turning to a private research agent has become an effective and convenient solution for company directors. If the situation unfortunately happens to arise, don’t let a few individuals damage you company; I am there to help you. Industrial and commercial investigations can be undertaken on your behalf in the following fields :
  • Combating counterfeiting,
  • Combating industrial espionage,
  • Combating unfair competition,
  • Combating company theft,
  • Insurance investigations: abuse of sick leave, miscellaneous insurance fraud, accident verification, address search,...

Search for missing persons

Our agency searches for missing minors or alleged runaways, as well as missing persons over 18 who have left no forwarding address. Where the authorities can no longer intervene for financial and legal reasons, we can take over from them.

Criminal counter investigations

If you think the authorities have missed the real evidence which will vindicate you, we can intervene after a full examination of your file in close collaboration with your lawyer. We’re your last resort in gathering evidence to prove your innocence.

Private investigations

Other than missing persons, we also undertake investigations within the private investigation field: divorce problems, childminder issues, investigations into morality,...


We use cutting edge technology such as cameras, high-definition digital cameras, powerful and secure computers, GPS,...